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Hi, I’m Joe Ellison and welcome to my website, Flying Courses. Flying has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. My dad owned a crop dusting business and he used to take me flying as soon as I could walk. I’ve had my pilot’s license since I was eighteen and I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learnt during my 15 years of flying that will help you get your pilot’s license. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Drop me an email at anytime.

A Guide to Aviation Training

Aviation training may seem very attractive but there is a lot of hard work and effort involved. Experienced pilots usually have more than 20,000 hours of flying and a large amount of aviation training experience under their belts. As a result, we do suggest you read up as much as possible on aviation training and how to become a pilot.

Most aviation training courses are open to the public and interested candidates can join a flying school. However, the aviation training course and the mandatory flying time can be expensive. To be able to operate a plane in the US, trainees must have completed their aviation training course and be licensed by the FAA or the Federal Aviation Administration. This aspect of aviation training is now mandatory due to the stricter regulations that have been put in place after 9/11.

There are several levels of aviation training and candidates have to acquire temporary aviation training licenses and be registered with the FAA as student pilots. The simplest license is the Private Pilot License which allows the user to complete their aviation training and pilot their planes anywhere in the US. The PPL license however, does not allow the trainee to pilot commercial planes from one area to another. To get this private pilot license, you will have to complete a basic medical examination that is carried out by an aviation qualified medical examiner. We suggest that you do this certification before you apply for aviation training to evaluate your health for all basic medical conditions.

After completing the medical evaluation, you can join a FAA – approved aviation training course. This aviation training course will have a theory component and a practical component. The aviation training course will usually be spread out over five months but the actual length of the course will depend on the school and your basic expertise. After completing the course, you will have to sit for the written aviation training exam that contains 100 questions. The aviation training exam will also have a five hour oral exam where a FAA approved examiner will evaluate your flying skills.

Usually, the cost of the aviation training course will vary considerably. It will depend on the length of the course, the type of aircraft and your learning pace. On an average, an aviation training course will cost anywhere from $8000 to about $10,000. You might have to pay more depending on your location of your flight school, your aviation training course books and rental of the aviation training plane.

Helicopter Training

If you want to become a helicopter pilot, you will have to complete a helicopter training course. Most helicopter training courses are quite intensive and difficult to complete. Most pilots complete an aviation course and then specialize in helicopter training so that they can become professional helicopter pilots.

Helicopter Training:
There are generally two helicopter training methods by which candidates can become helicopter pilots. For example, most candidates complete their training through civilian helicopter training courses by which they can work for private charter companies or for commercial helicopter rental companies. Some pilots may specialize in military helicopter training by enrolling in the military helicopter training course to become military pilots. However, entry into both of these helicopter training courses can be difficult. For example, civilian helicopter training courses will require the candidate to have flying experience. The helicopter training course will cost anywhere from $1000 to about $3000 for civilians including the flight training time. This is completely different from military helicopter training. In order to become a military helicopter pilot, a candidate must be 18 years of age and active in the military. There are several high schools that have helicopter training bridge courses offered by the military to encourage students to join the course to become pilots. The military allows candidates to start their helicopter training courses early on in their careers. The candidate will be required to submit an admission essay, two references and an evaluation by a completer military board. You will also have to be in good physical condition and meet the army’s height and weight requirements. Military training offers a variety of experiences for most pilots and it’s a very affordable method to become a helicopter pilot.

Flight Hours:
Before getting a license, most candidates have to have a minimum amount of flying time. For example, the FAA requires that a civilian candidate have at least 20 hours of flight time along with 10 hours of solo flying. However, the more you learn, the faster you will get your license. More then 30-50 hours of flight time means that you will get your license as quickly as possible.

After completing the helicopter training course, you will have to get your license. The military will automatically license their candidates as soon as they finish the course. All professional helicopter pilots have to have a commercial rotorcraft license. They also have to get a certificated flight instructor credentials for their job.